Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Complete Guide To Buy Stamps at Walmart (2024)

Are you wondering does Walmart sell stamps in 2024? The straight answer is Yes, Walmart sells stamps. You can find them at the customer service desk or MoneyCenter of Walmart stores.

They provide a variety of stamps, including forever stamps. You can buy stamp sheets, rolls or books as per your convenience. But there are some critical points you should know prior to visit them.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the United States, and they offer a variety of postage stamps. From groceries to consumer goods, Walmart is America’s ultimate powerhouse retailer.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps

If you’re unsure about the type of postage you need, Walmart can provide help in choosing. Moreover, if you are looking to buy postage stamps near me, you can also check out the Walmart website or amazon so you can make your life easier.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps in 2024?

Another commonly asked question is does Walmart sell stamps in 2024? Well, the answer is yes. Walmart do sells stamps in 2024. You can buy stamp sheets, roll of stamps or book of stamps as per your convenience.

But there are some critical points you should know before you visit them. After reading this article, you will have a much better understanding about:

  • Which type of stamp do you need?
  • How to locate Walmart with postage nearby
  • Where to find stamps in the store?
  • What types of stamp books and rolls they offer?
  • What is the current cost of various stamps?
  • Do credit cards can purchase them?
  • What office supplies are available for mailing?
  • And much more

Additionally, you should know that Walmart may have different stamps depending on their location. Certain stores may have fewer stamp options than others. Thus, you should first inquire about the availability of stamps before you visit them.

Overall, A Walmart Super-center is an excellent alternative to the local postal service. It remains open during weekend hours and late at night.

What Types of Postage Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart has a variety of many stamps available, including both traditional and forever stamps. Stamps can be purchased at local Walmart or online through Amex Express Checkout. Here are the types of postage stamps from Walmart:

  • American Flag
  • Hearts, Sesame Street
  • American Gardens , Flowers, Orchids, Roses
  • Coral Reef , Frogs
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bugs Bunny, Tiger
  • Holiday, Christmas
  • Ferns, Barns
  • Popsicle, etc.

Walmart offers a wide selection of stamps. Customers can use cash, credit cards, or Amex Express Checkout at the store or online. You have a variety of options to choose from, so you can select the stamp that fits your requirements.

Does Walmart Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Walmart does sell Forever Stamps. At the service counter, a variety of Forever stamps are available for purchase. They also offer books of stamps and rolls of Forever stamps. Stamp collectors may also be interested in the duck stamp, which is available in most stores.

What Stamp Designs Do Walmart Have?

There is a wide range of stamps at Walmart MoneyCenter. Classic designs, including the US flag, can be purchased throughout the year. Walmart also offers stamps featuring popular themes during certain times of the year.

Does Walmart Sell Roll/Book of Stamps?

Yes, you can find both books of stamp and rolls of stamps at Walmart. Walmart offers a wide selection, including standard USPS stamps, and other designs.

Does Walmart Sell Individual Stamp?

No, Walmart does not sell single stamps. The smallest quantity of stamps sold at Walmart is 10, and most common stamps you buy are 20-stamps book. If you’re looking to buy a single stamp, visit a USPS post office or other location that sells individual stamps.

Customers who can’t find what they need can contact customer service for further alternatives. Walmart offers a variety of services and products, including postage stamps.

What Are The Prices of Stamps at Walmart?

In 2024, Walmart will continue to sell stamps at the same price as declared by the USPS. Depending on the type of stamp, you can expect to pay around $0.55 for a standard First-Class Mail Forever stamp.

Global Forever stamps and Postcard stamps costs slightly higher at around $01.30 each. A book of forever stamps would cost you $12.60 to $25, with 20 stamps inside. See the table below to get fair of stamps cost at Walmart.

Type of StampsPrice
First-Class USPS Stamps$0.58
Postcard Stamps$0.40
Global Forever Stamps$1.30
Strip of 10 Forever Stamps$14.49
Book of 20 Forever Stamps$24.95
Roll of 100 Forever Stamps$81.90

If you want to purchase stamps in bulk, Walmart also offers a stamp roll of 100 stamps for a discounted rate of $81.90. These are convenient if you plan on sending a lot of mail at once, or if you just want to stock up on stamps for later use.

Walmart always offers you with good discount rates on stamps for bulk buyers. So if you are looking to know does Walmart sell stamps with some discount, then it is always suggested to get yourself an entire stamp roll or bundle.

In addition, you can also buy other mailing supplies, such as envelopes and boxes from Walmart.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Inside The Walmart Store?

Walmart may be the first place that comes to mind when you’re looking for stamps. But this is a vast store with an enormous variety of goods. Finding postage supplies inside them can be another task. Se let’s see where are exactly the postage supplies are located inside Walmart.

You can find the postage stamps at the registers, on the checkout lane, at the office supplies area, and at the customer service desk. The MoneyCenter and front desk are the most obvious place to buy stamps you need.

If you’re having trouble finding postage stamps at Walmart, ask the customer service team for help. They’ll be happy to help you locate what you need so you can get those letters in the mail quickly and easily!

1. At The Registers

Walmart sells stamps at their registers, making it convenient and secure to buy them. You can usually find them at front of the store or you might need to ask the cashier. This is because sometimes Walmart keeps their stamps behind the register to prevent theft. Plus, it’s more convenient for customers who suddenly realize they need to buy some stamps.

2. On The Checkout Lane

At Walmart checkout lanes, customers can find a variety of stamps ranging from postcard stamps to stamp books. Depending on your needs, you can buy strips or entire books of stamp.

3. At MoneyCenter

At Walmart MoneyCenter, you can purchase national and international stamps. You can get stamps from countries such as Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Provided that the store has a MoneyCenter facility available. Walmart prefers to keep stamps on the MoneyCenter because it involves transactions.

You can also send money orders, pay your bills and cash your checks. This is the answer for those who are wondering about does Walmart cash checks. In case your neighborhood store doesn’t have the Money Center, you can move to the next area called office supplies.

4. At Office Supplies And Packaging Area

Walmart’s Office Supplies section is where you can find products related to office and shipping. Here, you will find everything from envelopes, letters and postage stamps. It’s makes it easy to purchase the right type of postage stamps for your needs at Walmart.

5. At The Customer Service Centers

Walmart has customer service centers in all of its stores. These centers are designed for product returns and customer help. They also carry stamps in this area. You can ask the people at the desk if they have any. They will probably provide you with a roll or book of stamps. You can pay for the stamps with cash, credit card, gift card, or an American Express checkout.

No matter what kind of stamps you need, there’s sure to be something for everyone at your local Walmart store. So next time you need mailing items, head over to any Walmart near you.

Can I Buy Stamps Online From Walmart?

Yes, they provides a convenient way to buy stamps from Walmart via their website. There are a wide range of stamps available at Walmart Online to suit your postal needs. You can find stamps by searching for them on the Walmart website.

You can choose from a range of options, including Forever Stamps and Postcard Stamps. Choose a stamp to buy and add it in your cart. When you are ready to complete your purchase using your credit card. Your order will then be processed and Walmart deliver stamps directly to your home.

Find The Right Walmart Store Near You

There are over 11600 stores of Walmart spread around countries in the world. So this means it is likely to come across a Walmart wherever you go in the world. You can certainly look up the location of the nearest Walmart store by looking at their online site.

To make your life even easier, the Walmart website has come up with the online store locator for you. Their store locator tool makes it easy to find a store in your area. Enter your zip code and city to get a list of nearby stores. Select the nearest location and go there to buy your stamps.


Before you ask me, does Walmart sell stamps at these locations? All these places provide a wide variety of postage supplies. You just need to locate the Walmart store with stamps near you. Once you have located the store, you can choose to visit it or make an order.

This store offers an array of goods ranging from groceries, stationery to hardware. So it is quite obvious why people prefer to visit Walmart store nearby.

Walmart Operating Hours And Days

You can buy them during regular business hours. The Walmart opens at 6:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm. At some locations, it may be open 24 hours a day. While at other locations, it may have different operating hours depending on the day of the week.

Therefore, it is best to check the operating hours of your local Walmart before visiting. As far as operating days are concerned; Walmart stores are open every day of the week except for Christmas Day. See the Walmart’s holiday schedule for current year.

Do Walmart Stamps Expire?

No, Walmart stamps do not expire. The USPS does not impose expiration dates on stamps, so you can use them any time.

When you buy stamps at Walmart, they are the same quality as those purchased at the post office. The only difference is that Walmart sometime offers lower prices for their stamps than the post office does.

More Places Where You Can Buy Stamps

Besides Walmart, there are many other places to buy postage stamps. Many grocery stores and retail shops such as Target, Publix, CVS also offer stamps. Bank branches might also carry a limited selection of stamps. Here are some places to look further:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I buy stamps at Walmart?

A: Yes, you can buy stamps at Walmart. They sell postage stamps at all of their locations.

Q: What kind of stamps can I get at Walmart?

A: You can buy various types of stamps at Walmart, including US postage stamps, flag forever stamps, and souvenir stamps.

Q: Does Walmart deliver stamps?

A: No, Walmart doesn’t provide delivery services for stamps. You have to go to a Walmart store to purchase them.

Q: How much do stamps cost at Walmart?

A: The prices of stamps at Walmart are the same as the prices at the post office. You can find out the cost of each stamp at the Walmart service desk or online.

Q: Can I get different types of stamps at Walmart?

A: Yes, you can find different types of stamps at Walmart, including forever wild orchid stamps and rubber stamps. You can ask the Walmart staff for more information about the types of stamps they sell.

Q: Is Walmart the only place where I can buy stamps?

A: No, Walmart is not the only place where you can buy stamps. However, Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the world and is a great place to buy stamps.

Q: How many stamps can I buy at Walmart?

A: There is no limit to the number of stamps you can buy at Walmart. You can buy as many stamps as you need for your mailing needs.

Q: Can I order my stamps online from Walmart?

A: Yes, you can buy postage stamps from Walmart online. You can visit their website and order your stamps there.

Q: How do I pay for my stamps at Walmart?

A: You can pay for your stamps using Walmart money or any other form of payment that Walmart accepts.

Q: Where can I find the nearest Walmart that sells stamps?

A: You can use the Walmart store locator on their website to find the nearest Walmart that sells stamps.

Conclusion – Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps?

For those who are thinking does Walmart sell stamps in store, the conclusion is clear. Yes, you can buy postage stamps from Walmart for sure. They sell stamps in many forms and at the standard rates. You can buy a book of 20 stamps, strip of 10 stamps or a coil of 100 stamps. Walmart stores have what you’re looking for. Many locations even have self-service kiosks where customers can purchase stamps without having to wait in line.

Additionally, Walmart offers a wide range of stamp designs and types, so customers have plenty of options when selecting what they need. Not only that, but Walmart also offers various other related products like address labels and postcards that are perfect for mailing out letters or packages.