Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart?

Want to know does Walmart sell stamps? Well, the answer is definitely a yes. But there are some critical points you should know prior to visit them.

Here I am going to help you obtaining postage stamps at Walmart near to you. As we all know that Walmart is one of the largest retailers of the USA especially for buying postage stamps.

Walmart is not only famous for its reputation in the grocery world but also reputed as one of the the largest retailer for variety of consumer goods in the USA.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps

If you’re unsure what kind of stamping you’ll need, then you should head down to the “right” Walmart store to find assistance in deciding. And I’ll help you to locate that “right” Walmart here.

Moreover, If you are looking to buy postage stamps near me, you can also check out the Walmart website or amazon so you can make your life easier.

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When you approach Walmart to buy postal stamps, you are actually free to choose a whole book or simply a single stamp. It is always suggested to weigh your parcel or envelope that you want to post before you choose your stamp from them.

If you’re aware of the weights of your parcels, it becomes easier to figure out how many stamps you need to buy. You might remember that buying a book of postage stamps at Walmart will always be less expensive than buying individual stamps.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps Near You?

A question that is commonly associated with the question does Walmart sell stamps near me? is generally “What are the prices of the stamps available in the Walmart store?” Well to answer the question one first needs a proper clarity about the varieties of postal stamps at Walmart.

A Walmart Super-center is an excellent alternative to the local postal service. It remains open during weekend hours and late at night.

How Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart?

In general, Walmart is known for selling more of the stamp rolls than an individual one. You can simply approach the front desk executive and ask how can you buy individual stamps at Walmart.

They will supply you with the full spectrum of postal services including stamps with different designs, colors and prices.

When a person in the USA look for stamps, groceries, stationery etc. the first thing that comes in their mind is can I buy stamps at Walmart and at which one. When it is concerned about Walmart, it is a cup of tea for you.

Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart?

For those who are in hurry and want to get stamps as soon as possible. I would suggest them to get the postage from online site like Amazon. They can deliver all postage at your doorstep.

You can take a look at the collections while sitting in your home. So whether does Walmart sells stamps or not you are having another convenient option just a click away.

Prices of Postage Stamps at Walmart

A single stamp is usually supposed to cost you around 60 cents whereas a complete 20 stamp book can cost around $12. If you have chosen a rare collection of stamps then of course it will have a special price. A sheet of stamps can range from anything between $5 – $200.

Many times people are not very sure about the number of stamps they need to buy or the type that is suitable. Some of the discounted stores may also have a lesser price range. All these queries get resolved by simply approaching the store assistance.

If you have not yet created your account at Walmart’s website. Then wait for nothing, go and sign up its quite easy. After that you can buy postage and various items in one retail store.

Also, if you’re not comfortable registering with Walmart just for the purpose of finding a nearby store, you can always contact their customer service department and ask them for an address near where you currently live.

Find The Right Walmart Store Near You

There are over 11600 stores of Walmart spread around countries in the world. So this means it is very likely to come across a Walmart store wherever you go in the world. You can certainly look up the location of the nearest Walmart store by looking at their online site.

To make your life even easier Walmart website has come up with the online store locator for you. This is a gateway where you need to enter your location- residential or office and the system automatically detects the nearest store to you. It works whether you’re at home or away from home.


The Walmart store locator is something that tourists can also utilize when they’re in an unfamiliar place. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, finding a Walmart can actually save your life.

Before you ask me does Walmart sell stamps at these locations? Let me tell you, all these places have a complete range of postage supplies.

You just need to locate the Walmart store with stamps near you. Once you have found the store it is completely your decision whether to visit the store or simply place an order.

This is a place where you will get postage stamps and various items starting from groceries, stationery to hardware. So it is quite obvious that tourists will actually prefer to visit Walmart store nearby. They are assured about they will get any kind of stamps under one umbrella.

One important point that one must remember is that Walmart store locating system is only accessible to people who have a valid login on the Walmart website.

If you don’t have a Walmart login ID and you need stationery urgently, then you need to sign up afresh to locate the nearby store and continue shopping.

Walmart Working Hours

Walmart is a chain of retail stores that is widespread all across the World. It is spread over 28 countries with more than 11600 stores. But all the Walmart stores have a standardized system of working.

There are some stores that operate 24/7 but others have set standards for their employees’ working times. These standards vary from store to store.

Get more goods and services from Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest store chains in the world. In the US if anyone is driving and going to any direction you will see a Walmart after every 2-5 miles. Another most important service offered by Walmart is cashing a check.

In the beginning when I got a check that needs to be cashed. I was wondering where should I go to clear it, and does Walmart cash checks? Then I went them as I also needed postage stamps and found that they do cash several checks. I personally like their customer support and always clear my check with Walmart.

Walmart stamp services:

Since today’s communication has overtaken the age old tradition of sending letters, there are many stores in the USA who don’t even have collection of good stamps. But Walmart is different and one of the largest retail store in the World.

Now your question can i buy stamps at Walmart? has been answered correctly! There is a huge collection (over 10 million) of postage stamp books in Walmart.

Over and above the price rolled by stores, Walmart always offers you with good discount rates on stamps as well. So if you are looking to know does Walmart sell stamps with some discount, then it is always suggested to get yourself an entire stamp book.

All these reason lead to numerous people to look for Walmart so that they can provide with postal stamp services.

Walmart’s customer service team is also excellent when it come to the service of answering questions and providing explanations regarding the theme and postal requirements based on your package. They value your opinion as their most important learning and are always ready to serve you the best!


If you’re still thinking like “do Walmart sells postage stamps?”, then just find the right store using our store locator. And visit that store. You’ll should be easily able to find all the postage your will ever need.

Else, simply go online and checkout the deals on Walmart stamps. The stores are operating 24X7 so that you can visit anytime for buying stamps at Walmart when necessary.

More Places Where You Can Get Postage Stamps:

I hope you like my little effort of clearing your query of does Walmart sell stamps. And if you’d like to contribute some ideas of your own, feel free to let us know. Thanks!

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