Does USPS Deliver on Sunday and Saturday (or Weekend)?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) being a reputed and independent agency of the US Federal Government provides postal services throughout the United States. Every citizen living in America can grab the benefit it offers the customers, thus making the life of a person more simple and convenient in handling postal services.

USPS as we know is committed to providing all the necessary mailing and shipping services to all our clients whether it is business or residential. We have made a lot of improvements and have come up with innovative means of a delivery system. Our online services are easy to access from home which is more beneficial for our clients in this hectic world.

Does USPS deliver on Sunday and Saturday

Sending the domestic mail is made simple with USPS. Even during the effects of the pandemic, we make sure all the mails are handled and delivered to the appropriate address safely. Since it is the concern of many people about few questions like Does USPS deliver on Sunday? Or Does USPS deliver on Weekends? In this article, we will find the answer to the above questions.

Does USPS deliver on Sunday and Saturday (or Weekend)?

Yes, we do have the USPS delivery service available on Saturdays, but the delivery depends on the service or mail class like the Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express items are delivered on Saturdays. But, the delivery of media mail products, first-class mail, and standard post services are not specified. Saturdays are exclusively reserved by the USPS for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items. These items will be delivered within 1-3 business days at a starting price of 6.65 dollars.

You can avail of this facility at the post office or online. There is also free package pick up from the location of your house or office. There is also insurance of 50 dollars for various kinds of shipments. Do not expect any specific delivery time to reach your destination, it can vary depending upon the volume of things that have to be delivered on that particular day. Suppose there are plenty of parcels, it may take time and vice versa. There have been faster growth in the number of packages that have to be delivered especially during the holidays to some of the locations and major cities. Hence, the need arises for delivering parcels on Sundays.

What are USPS delivery hours on Saturday?

When it comes to the USPS delivery hours, multiple factors are involved like the distance between the storehouse and the destination, the volume of the mail, etc needs to be considered. The letter carriers do not have to differentiate between a normal working day and Saturday. It has to be delivered every day. If they have lesser mails to be delivered, then you will receive your mail sooner. The delivery hours for the USPS will be prolonged in case they have bulk mails to be delivered. If you want to send packages in an emergency, it would be appropriate to choose Priority Mail Express Service. The hour of delivery and the time duration that it takes will depend on the warehouse location, volume, etc but does not depend on the item being mailed.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

The simple answer to this question is yes, but USPS will deliver only Priority Mail Packages and Amazon packages on Sunday. In the year 2013, a deal was held between USPS and Amazon. Thereafter, Amazon packages are shipped by USPS even on Sundays. As per the deal, the delivery of Amazon packages started in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, etc. Irrespective of the prime membership, the Amazon packages will be delivered to the customers serviced by the Amazon Sunday delivery .

The delivery charges vary depending upon the service that you opt for. The USPS delivery days for Priority Mail Express is 365 days a year which includes weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. The Priority Mails are delivered from Monday to Saturday except on Holidays. If the customer has selected express service, then he will receive packages on Sundays and holidays.

What are USPS delivery hours on Sunday?

The USPS delivery hours on Sunday are exclusively for all Amazon customers. But, if the customer is an amazon prime member and confirms the order on Friday, then he can expect the delivery by Sunday. If the priority mail express is being used, the USPS will confirm the delivery overnight. It will reach the destination by about 10:30 AM. But the time of the delivery may vary depending upon the destination and also the volume of the mail.

The price begins with $23.75 at various post office areas and online. It is comparatively cheaper with the delivery features and promises. So, the answer to the question does USPS delivers on weekends is YES, they deliver on weekends, but USPS delivery days which includes the weekend is dependent on the Mail service that the customer chooses, certain mail types do not offer weekend delivery services.

Can you pick up packages from USPS?

The answer to the question is yes, you can pick up packages from USPS. But, you must give a valid reason for picking up the packages from USPS, before the scheduled delivery time. Call USPS customer support to assist you. The post office needs a tracking number. There might be certain genuine reasons for customers to pick up the packages from the post office. In such cases with the help of the tracking number, the customer can collect the package from the postal services.

Some of the reasons for picking up the packages from USPS is that urgency may arise that cannot be ignored like you are traveling and you urgently need the package with you. Since it might take time to reach your destination, you may cancel the home delivery and get the parcel by yourself. Another reason could be missed USPS. Normally, it is required that the receiver should sign the package before he collects it. If you are not there when the package arrives, then somebody else can receive your package.

The postman will ask for authorization from the person who will receive the package on your behalf. But in certain cases, the postman is not eligible to leave your package without your presence. In such a case, the postman will give a slip which you need to carry to the post office along with your identification card to collect your item. There is also hold upon request where people who wish to pick up the package can do so. If you are the sender and have lost the item, or it is not yet delivered. In such cases, a request must be submitted and a non-refundable payment needs to be made.

Is the post office open on Saturday and Sunday?

The local post office will be open during the weekdays from Monday to Friday. Unless it’s a holiday the local post office will be open during the weekdays. During the weekend, not all the post office locations will be open, certain post office locations are open on Saturday but closed on Sunday. But the working hours on Saturday will be different from the normal working hours. It will be open for a certain duration, only for limited hours on Saturday.

Since the working hours on Saturday differs from one location to another, it is better to check the working hours from the nearby post office. You can make use of the USPS locator to know the working hours of the post office location that is close to your area. To reduce the operating cost almost all the post offices are closed on Sundays. But, there are few exceptions to this. Some post offices are open on Sunday before Christmas and also inside various retail shops.

Is Saturday a business day for you USPS?

Yes, Saturdays are a regular working business day for USPS, they do have the regular schedule deliveries on Saturdays. The delivery services will depend upon the type of service and mail that the person will choose, the Priority mails and mail express services will be delivered on Saturday. Priority Mail carries mail items at an economical price and less time duration. They even guarantee to deliver the package overnight.

But, the time of the delivery or the delivery hours will depend on the warehouse location and several other factors. There is no specific period or duration when the packages or mail items will be delivered, it may vary accordingly.

USPS shipping services – Price and Expected Delivery dates

The USPS express, as well as standard mail services, offers the customers to choose various delivery options as per the needs of the customers. The price will depend upon the item that are being sent and the fastest service that has been chosen. The Priority Mail express delivers 7 days a week throughout the year for 365 days. The purchase Priority Mail Express postage and shipping labels can be purchased online or at the post office location. The price begins at 26.35 dollars.

One of the best selling mail services is Priority Mail where the domestic deliveries will arrive within 1-3 business days. To purchase the priority mail postage and shipping label you can visit the post office or online at 7.70 dollars. The first-class mail service is available within 1-3 business days starting from 0.55 dollars available at the post office. The media mail shipping is available in 2-8 business days at 2.89 dollars at the post office.

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There are plenty of services that are available to send packages and mail, USPS is the most reliable and convenient service that is available. The services are available 365 days of the year and the time of delivery depends upon the mail service that has been chosen by you. In this article, we have provided answers to most of the frequently asked questions like does USPS deliver packages on weekends? What are the delivery hours on Saturday and Sunday? Is it possible to pick the package from USPS before it gets delivered to the mailing address?

Hope it has helped you to get an insight into these common questions and the answers provided in this article which are of concern to many people.