Does Publix Cash Checks? Can You Cash A Check At Publix? – Let’s Know

Hi friends, Today I am going to guide you about Publix check cashing policy, fee, limit, etc. Few time ago I was also wondering does Publix cash checks or not. I have gone through the whole process of getting my checks cashed at this store. So I can guide you the right procedure how you too can do it.

Does Publix Cash Checks

As we all know that the Publix is among the biggest store chain across the country. This store mainly deals in groceries and food related products. But do Publix cash personal checks? If yes then what’s the procedure. Let’s dig more deeper and find-out all the details with me.

Can You Cash A Check At Publix?

Publix is not just limited to groceries only, they are also involved in check cashing and money order selling services too. I have done my complete research while I was doing postage shopping at Publix. If you are also looking to know the answer of does publix sell stamps, then no worries. When I need stamps for me then immediately called my friend and she told me to go for Publix. After this, I went to publix store to get me some essential goods. At that time, my friend ensured me that I can get the postage stamps near me at this store.

In short, Yes you can cash your checks at Publix for sure. But there some factors and key points that you should be aware before proceeding. I want you to pay attention here and read all the details, so that some important point is not skipped.

Publix Check Cashing Policy

First of all we need to understand the Publix check cashing policy and then we can move forward. Following their policies you can ensure smoother check processing and faster cashing.

The policies are quite similar to Walmart money center. Last time when I was wondering about does Walmart cash checks at my nearby place. Then I got to know that they have this facility in their money center stores. At that time I came to know their terms and policies.

Publix Check Cashing Policy

Publix also have similar policies (hmm it should be like that). No wonder they can have their owns terms of cashing a check. So now let’s see their policy in details parts.

Does Publix Cash Personal Checks?

When we are talking about the personal checks, many stores doesn’t accepts these kind of checks. So you will want to know that does Publix cash checks and what types are accepted? The answer is Yes definitely. Publix can cash your personal checks without any issue. They process check electronically. So it is like a cake-walk for them. However they have some guidelines that you have to follow.

They have some limitation on the amount and number of checks per day that you can process at Publix. Continue reading this article and you will know exactly how all this is done.

What Kinds of Checks Does Publix Accepts?

Unlike other stores, you can only process personal checks and payroll checks at Publix. They are tied-up with other 3rd party company. These checks are processed by Certegy and they can offer only these two options as of now. This can be an added advantage for those people who are wondering about does Publix cash personal checks or not.

Publix can cash two types of checks:

  1. Personal Checks
  2. Payroll Checks

Other than these are not accepted. Means Publix will not accept tax return checks, rebate checks, etc.

Publix Check Cashing Limit

You can cash your personal and payroll check at the following mentioned limits. Mind you these limits are set by the governing bodies. So you can obtain cash if your check amount falls in between the Publix check cashing limit.

Check Type Limit Capping
Payroll Check $500 7 Days
Personal Check $75 24 hours
Handwritten $75 1 Day
Pay Check $500 1 Week
  • For Payroll Check: You can cash payroll check equal or less than $500 once in a week.
  • For Personal Check: You can cash personal check of maximum limit: $75 once in a day

Yes I know these limits are too low. But at-least they are cashing these check which many other stores simply can’t. However you can check other places also for check cashing. Links are given below, do check them out also.

How Many Checks Can I Cash in a Day?

If you are having multiple personal checks and want to cash them in one go. Then you may thinking of clearing checks in small portions. I mean to say that clearing many checks with less than $75 amount in a day.

I must clarify you that it is not going to happen. Publix will allow only one personal check in a calendar day. So it is better to get informed before you even try.

Publix Check Cashing Fee

The next thing you want to know is how much does Publix charge to cash a check. So let me tell you the Publix check cashing fee. They will charge minimum $3 and a maximum $6 for cashing your checks and it will depend on the mainly two factors: the type of check and its amount.

Does Publix Cash Checks 24 Hours?

Another most important thing to know is that does publix cash checks 24 hrs? The answer is no. Since the store is not operational in night, so you will not able to avail its services at that time.

The normal timing are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. So try to visit Publix store within these timings so that you can successfully cash-out your checks.

However if you are looking to 24 hour check cashing near me which is open all time, then you should read the my guide. You can find such places which works round the clock with these services.

Locate Publix Near You

Now after understanding the check processing procedure, you will be thing to locate Publix near me. Here you can use the store locator given below to ease your work. Simply click on the link and browse through the nearby area. you can easily locate many Publix store near to you.


More Alternate Places

For some reason if you want to know more places that can cash your checks other than Publix then check the links below. You can cash your various checks with different cashing limits at these places.

Final Conclusion To Does Publix Cash Checks

To conclude everything, I can say that choosing Publix for cashing your cheques is good idea. You will have now cleared any doubt regarding does publix cash checks and all the nuts and bolts of publix check cashing policy. So now its your turn. Locate nearby Publix using the locator and then head over to it. Better to take 5-6 dollar in coins so that you can pay publix check cashing fee without any issue. Get your checks cashed or spend the amount in shopping. Whatever you do is complete on yourself. Read More info about Publix at wikipedia.

Do let me know if you found this guide helpful. Also share this on Social Media, after all sharing is caring.

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