Does FedEx Sell Stamps? Can You Buy Stamps at FedEx? Let’s Find

fAs we all know that FedEx is one of the largest shipping brand throughout the globe. This company is well known for everything about shipping. The stamps are also associated for postage and shipping. It’s as obvious to have a query does FedEx sell stamps at the store. This was the question in my mind from few weeks, so I decided to visit some FedEx shipping centers to find out answers.

Does FedEx Sell Stamps
Does FedEx Sell Stamps

FedEx is kind of alternative solution for the postage. They are however not a part of USPS. For those who are asking where can I buy postage stamps near me should definitely read this whole article before going to any FedEx store.

Does FedEx Sell Stamps?

When I visited some of my nearest FedEx stores (known as FedEx Office), I found that they do not sell stamps, but they provide all kinds of postage solutions.Means you can get all the postage services from them.

How Can I Get Postage Facility at FedEx

FedEx is a market leader in their industry for shipping. You can definitely get almost all postage solution with them. But don’t forget about that they do not provide any stamps. But this doesn’t means that they aren’t able to do postage for you.

They are independent courier company which can deliver you package to anywhere in the world. Their delivering network is neither associated with USPS. You can approach them and ask about your postage need. Then they will weight your package and charges you accordingly.

It’s more like shipping rather than postage.

Why Choose FedEx

This is the most interesting question. When the FedEx is not right choice for buying stamps then why would we choose them? The answer is even more interesting.

When you consider sending your package/parcel at super-fast speed to distant locations then who would you prefer? You will choose one who is known expert in their work. And the FedEx is known as a leader in shipping.

And when you have something bigger and heavier to deliver at remote location, you should always choose FedEx. This will save you money and time simultaneously.

Locate Nearby FedEx with Stamps

Now when you have understood the right use of FedEx it’s time to locate one near you. To find the FedEx look carefully in the map provided below. You can also click the button and you will be taken to all the list of FedEx Office and Kinko’s in the USA.


There are hundreds of stores spread through the country. Just browse the list by selecting the county and then you region. You will see the FedEx store with all possible contact information which are near to you place. This list is well maintained and probably with the best accuracy as we hope.


To sum here, now the question about does FedEx sell stamps or not should be much clearer. The company is more about shipping than postage. They do provide all the postage and shipping solutions but they do now sell stamps.

However they can satisfy all your need about delivering your package. But more like a courier company. So if you are looking to buy stamps exclusively then you should move forward.

More Places to Buy Stamps

You can purchase stamps from many locations. Take a look below I have provided a detailed guide for each of them. One of the best option to get stamps would be from Amazon. They provide stamps at the best price. This way you also save your efforts and valuable time too.

Buy Stamps from Amazon

Get the Stamps Delivered at Your Place

It’s The BEST Option To Get Stamps

Moreover, there are number of stores who sell stamps. You should definitely have a look at them.

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