Hi my name is Tony Stark and I am glad that you took interest in the about page of my website. Let me tell you that I am the only man behind this website.

Let’s get straight to the point, the idea behind this website came to my mind when I was not aware about the places to get postage supplies. At some point of time I need stamps immediately and I didn’t know where to buy stamps near me. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and tried to find on the Internet, but to my bad I didn’t get any satisfactory solution. The sole purpose of this site is to help people who are looking to purchase postage stamps at their nearby location.


Then I grabbed some sources like Yellow Pages to find out the nearby location that provide postage stamps. I also took the help of my friends to get the stuff I need. In short, it was a doing whole lot manual work. I searched web and got some little clues.

Although I was aware about stamps.com, but still the information I found it’s kind of scattered and unorganized. I took all the efforts to manage all the details about USPS mailing and stamps. Then I thought, we are living in a digital world and why this information is not yet present in proper manner on the Internet.

The Idea and Vision

I realized that there will be so many people looking for such information like me.

Because I done all the research and learned a lot about it. I know the best places where you can buy postage stamps at best price (even on holidays). So I thought why shouldn’t I create a website around this and help people who want to buy stamps at their nearby location.

Therefore the inception of this site takes place.

The Journey Begins

I researched more on this topic and done my best efforts to provide all the useful insights about the same.

I took help of my friend to setup this site and presented the detailed stamp buying guide here.

You can get stamps from several local stores as well as from online sites. I have listed all of them in best possible way. So I hope that this would be the best spot where you can find all the critical information regarding obtaining postage stamps.

Further, if you have any other related query or question you can freely contact me. I’ll try my best to support you. And if you want to give me some advice to improve the info or other things here, you are most welcome.

I value your time and appreciate your visit. Hope I helped you in some way. Thanks and have a great day!